Hiring Hacks 101: End Bad Recruiting


We are spending way too much of our day filtering out candidates. And candidates are spending too long filtering out opportunities. So it’s no surprise that 60% of the workforce who are open to hearing about new opportunities, don’t have an easy way to do just that.

Our goal at Woo, is to make job searching accessible to 100% of the job workforce, and not just the 15-20% who are actively looking.

Woo connects you to qualified candidates, who are discreetly exploring new opportunities. We automatically match relevant candidates to your job and only present you with those who’ve shown interest.

The Slideshare below discusses some hot hacks that will improve your recruiting process:

  • Connect with passive candidates – we’ll look at where to find and connect with candidates who are discreetly seeking their next opportunity. And find out how reaching them in the right place will make your recruiting efficiency skyrocket.
  • Convert 1 out of 2 leads to interviews – Reaching the right candidates is great but to turn that work into a super efficient process you want 50% of those candidates to turn into interviews. We’ll show you how.
  • Reach responsive candidates – Your process is going to speed up if you’re reaching the right bunch of people who actually want to hear from you at every point in the process. You’ll find out the secret to keeping candidates responsive.


Woo specializes in connecting experienced tech professionals who are discreetly exploring new opportunities to companies with the right job for them . Its machine learning technology matches criteria from both candidates and companies, resulting in an efficient process and the highest conversion from introduction to interview in the market.  Since 2015, Woo has worked with more than 500 customers including Lyft, WeWork, MongoDB and Quora successfully bringing them quality hires. 
To learn more, please visit: woo.io