How to Increase Your Candidate Reach & Save Time – Honeybook’s Story


HoneyBook is on a mission to connect creative freelancers by simplifying the way they  work with their colleagues and clients.

The company enables users to send personally branded proposals, agreements, and invoices to their customers within minutes. And their tools help independent vendors simplify their day-to-day lives and grow their customer base.

We talked to Maya Wolkoon, HR Manager at Honeybook, who described the challenges and creative solutions Honeybook uses to bring talented developers aboard.


How Honeybook recruited prior to Woo

“It’s really difficult to find the right people. Sourcing and hiring, DevOps, analysts, and UX and UI designers was ranging from weeks to months, depending on the opening.”

As the only in-house recruiter, Wolkoon has to use her time wisely to find tech talent that would blend well into its fast-paced, intellectually charged environment.

“I was using a variety of candidate sourcing methods, including employee referrals, agencies, brand activities, meetups, and social media. I decided to add a Woo account in order to improve our sourcing of qualified developers and decrease our hiring time metrics.”


How Honeybook uses Woo

“Woo is an important part of my recruiting toolkit.”

Using Woo has upped the number of candidates Honeybook reaches, which is a big time saver for Wolkoon.


Honeybook’s results with Woo

“My proudest hire using the Woo platform was a Senior UI Designer. It’s actually a crazy story.”

Honeybook sought after candidates for this Senior UI Designer position for months, without finding a single qualified applicant. When they finally found the right person (on Woo), she had just accepted a position at a well-known technology company (a startup ranked among the top 15 worldwide).

“I did not see her on any other channels, so this was definitely Woo’s added value. And since I reached her in time, just before she started the other position, I was able to bring her over to our development team.”


We asked, What else do you like about Woo? Would you recommend Woo to other companies?

“Woo’s platform is different from others since it’s easy to use, and integrates well with our other in-house methods. I recommend Woo all the time — your platform is great.”



Privately-held Woo operates out of San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Woo connects candidates who are discreetly exploring new opportunities to companies with the right job for them. Its machine learning technology matches criteria from both employers and candidates, resulting in an efficient process and highest conversion from introduction to interview in the market. The company works with market-leading brands, including WeWork, Lyft, Twitch, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Quora, and more.

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