Re-Engaging With a Passive Client Database 

How Spinks (from Harvey Nash) used Woo to Reactivate Lost Relationships 

About Spinks 

Spinks is a subsidiary company of Nash Squared (formerly Harvey Nash) – a global recruitment consultancy and IT outsourcing service provider operating from 40 offices in 16 countries worldwide. They are a leading tech recruitment company that has been a trusted talent partner to the startup and scale-up tech sector since 1989.  Spinks’ community-driven approach gives them an edge in a fast-paced market. 


The Problem – Leaving Good Candidates on the Table (or in the Database) 


Spinks recognized that the quality of the relationships they build with candidates in the startup scale-up space enables them to deliver on their clients’ expectations and stay ahead in a competitive field. Their issue was that there were so many candidates in their database that they were not interacting with anymore. These were candidates they had already invested a lot into  – by meeting them, getting to know them, interviewing them and more. Recognizing that community is their superpower, Spinks decided to work with Woo in re-engaging with those lost candidates. 


How Woo Helped Spinks Maximize their Existing Database 


The problem with a large database of passive clients is that no one really knows what’s in there or has the time to find out. Like most recruitment professionals, Spinks staff were time-crunched, spending hours trawling their database and often coming up with nothing while knowing that the talent was surely there if only they could find it.


Here’s how Woo took the pressure off and enabled them to maximize their existing database:


  • Powerful Search – Woo’s AI-based technology performed granular searches based on several data points simultaneously, scouring through hundreds of candidates like a detective and offering the “top matches” as well as at least ten other close matches. All that staff had to do was approach the top selections. 


  • Integrated with Bullhorn – Woo worked seamlessly with Bullhorn (the team’s database). If a colleague in another part of the organization added a suitable candidate for one of the recruiter’s roles, they immediately got an alert to check them out. 


  • Profile Updates – The team found it frustrating that the database was often not up-to-date, and they could end up messaging candidates or searching for candidates that are no longer relevant. By using data from multiple data partners, Woo ensured that their candidate information was always accurate and up-to-date, and they made far fewer false approaches.


  • Reduce the legwork – Everyone in recruitment knows you’re always under time pressure to deliver good candidates in a short amount of time. Using Woo, a member of the Spinks team was able to place a candidate that had been on the database for more than a year within less than two weeks. 


“Woo gives us a crucial competitive advantage by enabling long-term relationships with our candidates. The accuracy and up-to-date information that Woo provides ensures we can always offer our community opportunities that are perfectly suited to their requirements – which is great for our business and our reputation.” 

Robin Beattie – Managing Director, Spinks