How to Bring Your Candidate Database Back to Life


As younger professionals enter the workplace with an increasingly open cultural license to hop from one job to the next, recruiting agencies and employers alike may have legitimate cause for concern.


The general changeability of millennials in the job space is well documented – and recruiters are still trying to figure out how to respond accordingly. 

It simply doesn’t make sense today to invest in recruitment using the tools of the old model, where a 20-year career could be reasonably hoped for as return on the recruitment investment.

And an investment it certainly is, with some estimates topping $50k in overall new employee recruitment costs in the tech sphere.

In a job market characterized by low talent retention, agencies need to constantly invest more resources to acquire, filter, and nurture fresh streams of candidates.


Bring Your Candidate Database Back to Life

Luckily, tools exist that can make some serious order in your ever-growing candidate database – leading directly to better relationships with candidates, richer data, and heightened placement numbers.

Meet Helena, the automated sourcer that dramatically increases your qualified leads by engaging candidates already in your database.

Created and trained by a team of top recruiters and data scientists over a 3-year period, Helena automatically scouts and nurtures candidates from the agency’s large existing pool of candidates by carrying out an ongoing and personalized relationship with each of them.

This relationship lasts for years after they initially register with the agency, and allows for curated data to constantly be refreshed and updated on each candidate.

By keeping in touch with all your applicants, Helena adds career progress, next opportunity preferences, and current job satisfaction rankings (e.g., active, passive, not looking).


Here’s how it works:

1. Helena engages with past candidates

Past candidates engage with Helena, updating their career progress and their preferences


2. Candidates get sent opportunities

Helena approaches candidates via email with relevant opportunities for which

they are qualified and that meet their preferences


3. Candidates review the opportunity

At a glance, candidates can quickly view the opportunity and decide if they are interested in the role or not


4. Helena refers candidates to recruiters

Helena reaches out via email to recruiters in your team with qualified candidates that expressed interest in the opportunity


Tapping into an additional talent stream sourced from the already existing organic pool – especially if those candidates weren’t actively looking for a new job – increases the number of positions filled, resulting in increased revenue and significantly enhanced overall ROI.

And in terms of competitive advantage, most candidates sourced by Helena are passive – which means there’s less chance that they’ll be available to other agency sources.


Full Ecosystem For Your Candidates

Helena creates a unique candidate experience providing a sense of belonging and ongoing communication with your agency that lasts years.

Candidates use a personal dashboard to:

  • View and update their profile
  • Set their expectations for their next job
  • Review opportunities sent by Helena and decide if it interests them


Helena creates a low-touch, ongoing relationship with candidates by automatically pinging them with relevant opportunities and encouraging them to update their contact information – and in so doing, automatically re-engages candidates from an agency’s existing database.

This seamless experience keeps the candidate within the agency’s brand, allows candidates to remain passive while still engaging with the agency’s opportunities, and drastically lowers your candidate acquisition costs.

Far from the dystopia of technology doomsdayers, automation in recruitment is actually creating new jobs – and with much more precision, efficiency, and saved effort and costs.



Privately-held Woo developed Helena, operating out of San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Helena helps agencies bring their candidate databases back to life. Its automated sourcing dramatically increases qualified leads for agencies by engaging candidates already in the database. A seamless addition to any team Helena provide 24/7 sourcing, ongoing relationships with candidates maintaining refreshed data, unique qualified leads that improves an agency’s bottom line with a full white labeled solution.

To learn more, please visit: Hey Helena


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