CB4’s 13 Effective Ways to Hack Your Employer Brand


Finding the right employees for your company is about more than candidates.

It’s also about how you brand your company. At Woo, we’ve found that strong candidates are more selective when applying for a job—and branding plays a big factor.

Talent Acquisition Manager Hannah Liberman knows this all too well.

Her company, CB4, has been putting its focus on employee branding for a while now. It is how they have continued to grow the tech startup in their Israel, NYC and London offices.

Hannah shared 13 top tips for effectively hacking your employer brand and drawing the right candidates.


Approach It from The Inside Out 

One of the best ways to hack your employer branding is to understand who you are as a company and who you want to be.

Talk with employees who know the culture and work with different roles within the company to learn more about what it looks like from the inside.


Learn What Employees Want 

If you’re thinking about attracting new talent, it’s important to think about what’s going to keep your talent.

Find out what will make your employees happy on a day-to-day basis:

  • Perhaps it’s free breakfast once a week
  • Gym access
  • Birthday lunches
  • Work from home which is something encouraged at CB4—every first Wednesday of the month CB4 work from home!

For Hannah, Woo was a great way to receive this information since every candidate who joins our system fills out a “wishlist” for their next career.

When a candidate gets matched with a job, and chooses to move forward, the company is able to see their expectations so they can work to meet them.


Learn What Employees Need 

There’s a difference between what employees want and what they need.

Find out what your employees need, such as:

  • Budgeting for continued education for employees
  • Offering online courses
  • Encouraging employees to attend a conference, etc.

Investing in your employees is a surefire way to keep them around.


Use What You Have

If you are a small company, tap into the talent you already have on staff.

If a member of the sales team has been taking photography classes, utilize him or her to update your headshots. If you have a member of the team who’s great at writing, assign them some posts for your company blog.

Take the time to find out what your employees’ talents and passions are and use them.

When a company uses Woo to recruit talent, they receive a company page where they can show off their employer brand—utilize the talent you have on staff to make this truly embody how you want to be seen.


Survey Your Employees 

Get feedback from your employees. You can use something as simple as Google Forms, but don’t hesitate to ask your employees how they enjoyed a training session, what they think about the company culture or ways you can improve.


Utilize Your Employees 

Look at the people around your office as a mini marketing force.

Most people these days are on social media, so encourage your employees to share unique links, blog posts, company announcements, etc.

“When you can use your people, when they can get onboard, you can expand your branding and your reach much further,” said Hannah.


Create Extracurriculars

Try to do more initiatives focused on giving back and employee wellness.

Most employees want to work hard and make money, but they also want to volunteer.

One way that CB4 is doing this is by making an optional workday, when they’ll do a community project where employees are encouraged to volunteer together.


Make Every Hire an Expert

Every employee should know your company and product like the back of their hand.

No matter the level of employee, make sure everyone in the office sits through trainings, has the opportunity to learn about products and can sit in on learning sessions with the CEO.


Have the Right People on Staff

Ensuring that you have the right creative team can make a 100% difference for your branding. This is especially important if you need to create something that will be seen by prospective job candidates.

“When you have the correct resources in place, you will see initiatives come to life,” said Hannah.


Get Leadership on Board

It’s easy for HR initiatives to fall by the wayside, so if you are trying to rebrand or enhance your brand, you have to get leadership on board. This often requires you to gather data and present it to C-suite level employees, pushing them to get on board.


Ask for Help

Most people want to do everything themselves, but delegation is key to success.

Whether you tap into outside companies or employees on your team, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a hand whenever you need it.



Whether you’re tapping into other offices within your company or working within your own office, find unique ways to collaborate with others. Digital games, competitions and initiatives are great ways to connect multiple offices.

CB4 work hard to make sure all their employees feel connected, even when they are on the other side of the world. Every other week they set up a screen share to connect all the teams. They also have a number of slack channels where they share pictures of office activities.


Have Fun

While it’s important to work hard each day, you also need to remember to have fun. CB4 does a great job of this by creating a number of fun initiatives like ladies who lunch, book clubs, happy hours, etc.


As a Talent Acquisition Manager, Hannah relies on Woo to promote her company’s employer brand when connecting with potential candidates. Any time a candidate is matched (by Woo technology) to the right job, he or she is sent the company page, which reveals information

about the company and the specific opportunity. This company page is a great way to show off and leverage the brand! You can learn more by visiting Woo.io.


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