Why Trending Technologies Matter For Your Hiring Quality (And How To Increase it)


Like most industries, the tech industry sees trends over time that can significantly impact the industry as a whole, and even the direction of a specific company.

Did you ever stop to think that those same trends can actually impact your hiring quality as well?

There is a fine balance between doing what is right for the company, and doing what will be a catalyst for hiring top-talent and there are a few different reasons why a certain technology may be trending.



According to data collected by Woo.io, Vue.is on the rise – likely because it is has gathered a lot of hype after the language garnered support for actually being better than older, similar, technologies. C++ is also back on the rise,likely because of its versatility and compatibility with emerging sub-industries in tech like computer vision and gaming.

If you are working with rising technologies, you already have one thing going for you! Some of the key things to remember to further highlight your strengths are:

  • Emphasize the technologies you have that are trending and give context as to why they are trending
  • Competition will be high – be aware, try and reach passive and discrete talent from platforms like Woo.io – you will beat competitors to the top talent.
  • Combine with another potential trend/technology on the rise to boost your “X factor” further


With all the rises, there are also bound to be technologies trending down, and sometimes even out. According to data pulled from Woo.io, Swift, Hadoop, and Ruby on Rails are on the decline. If your company utilizes these technologies, it should not hinder your ability to hire premium talent. Some suggestions to avoid losing top talent are:

  • Bump pay – candidates typically have a “sliding scale” of wants/needs – not working on the rising tech could mean they feel like are sacrificing one thing and may expect higher pay
  • Be flexible and open for the person you’re hiring to work with new/trending technologies, even if it won’t be their main technology. Give them room to grow in what they are passionate about
  • Remember this: “When hiring tech professionals you should be on the lookout for smart people. You shouldn’t be worrying about whether they have the exact technologies you are after because smart people can overcome this without the learning curve. Today, recruiters are filtering too much instead of finding the people they really need. Both from a technical perspective and from a culture fit perspective.” – Ami Dudu, Co-Founder & CTO Woo.io


Regardless of if your company is using emerging technologies or not, it is important to come up with a strategy to either emphasize what you currently have if they are “on the rise”, or find new ways to get candidates psyched about your opportunity, given that it is still a candidate market. As always, the best way to compete for top-talent is to catch them when they aren’t active – using platforms like Woo.io that gets you passive candidates will boost your hiring pipeline. Recruit on!


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