How Attractive Are Your Open Positions?


With the constant motion of recruiting, it is sometimes difficult to take a step back and truly evaluate why candidates make the decisions they do.

Through, we have collected data on attractiveness scores of job opportunities, according to candidates on the platform. To know your attractiveness score email:

The data collected is unique and taken from our talent pool of 50K tech professionals and the criteria that is most important to them.

The attractiveness score was created to show companies how attractive their jobs are to tech candidates.

When looking at your attractiveness score, it is important to recognize the factors that play into the score and how much control you have over each factor.


Creating The attractiveness score

The score is based on the main pillars of a job description: location, salary, technology, industry, crunchbase rank, etc. as well as “bonus points” for flexible hours, remote work, work from home, and work/life balance factors.


Deciphering Your Score

If your attractiveness score is low – don’t feel like you’re stuck!

Again, consider what you have most control over and how you are emphasizing these positive attributes in your job descriptions.

Recently in tech, there has been an increase around the flexibility of working from home on occasion or being able to set hours that work best for your schedule and life.

Although this is the case, a lot of companies are boasting this on their careers homepage, but NOT their individual job descriptions.

Boost your attractiveness by adding all of these aspects to each job description posted on your careers page and on platforms like

Your ability to emphasize role and company characteristics that candidates care most about will ultimately lead you to a substantially more robust pipeline.

If your score is high – this does not mean there isn’t work to do!

Through, you get a clear picture into why a candidate rejects your opportunity. Even when you are at the top of your game, improving on candidate feedback is a must.

Take the insights of a “not interested” candidate to heart and change what you can control – this will help candidates view your company as even more attractive!

Using Woo Insights, you will be empowered to track your popularity by seeing why candidates reject you.


To Sum it Up

Regardless if your score is high or low, concrete feedback is pivotal to tweaking your job descriptions, scoping out additional benefits and perks that make a company attractive, and ultimately using the data from the platform to truly understanding what candidates are looking for and how to leverage changes that will raise your attractiveness score with candidates.

In a tough job market where candidate needs are a large factor in hiring, let help you understand your attractiveness score and how we can be a catalyst in increasing your pipeline.


Find Out Your Score!

To know your attractiveness score email:


Woo specializes in connecting experienced tech professionals who are discreetly exploring new opportunities to companies with the right job for them . Its machine learning technology matches criteria from both candidates and companies, resulting in an efficient process and the highest conversion from introduction to interview in the market.  Since 2015, Woo has worked with more than 500 customers including Lyft, WeWork, Samsung, Audible and Amazon successfully bringing them quality hires. 
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