Developers, You Just Can’t Win ‘Em All!

Sometimes in life, you just can’t win.

For example, you order Thai food from one place, and then people ask why you didn’t order from the place across the street or why you went with the Pad Thai as opposed to the Tom Yum. Or, you spend your hard earned cash on the Dyson V8 and people are curious why you didn’t splurge on the V10.

This phenomenon is much much worse when it comes to developers.

The tech industry as a whole was pretty much invented by people that insist on having the last word in any discussion.

It is exhausting, to say the least.

These days, webdev’s work in a field where the number of languages and tools at their disposal is growing at a rapid pace, as well as the number of opinions.

That is exactly why I find the answers in this Playbuzz Quiz side splittingly hilarious (I’m JavaScript btw-what are you?).

Truth be told, there’s a good reason behind the wide variety of options in the tech field these days.

There’s a tradeoff in any design pattern. Take concurrency for example:

You use threads? Too much memory.

Event loop? Cool, just make sure not to block it with too much processing.

See? Exhausting. To say the least!

The tech industry will probably never come up with a silver bullet of a programming language, and that’s fine. We just have to keep using the right tool for the job <while enjoying your Pad Thai>.


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