Here’s how to get hired in the top 5 most wanted industries right now


As we have moved forward in a technology-based society, more industries have evolved and created a high-demand for wanting to land a role in those industries. Many are inspired to join an industry with larger impact, larger scale, and fast-growing technology, but few are sure how they should go about landing a role in these “most wanted” industries.


top 5 industries 



Let’s start with the Health industry. In many ways, the requirements match those of the Education sector. While there are few “hard skills” that companies are needing to nail down, they will typically favor those who can demonstrate a passion for what they do. Also like the Education sector, the Health industry, in the US especially, is very complicated and you need to be prepared to work for a company whose path can be determined largely by the Government. There are many Health startups coming into the mix – getting into a company of that nature early on can put you in a great position for growth both internally and externally as this industry continues to skyrocket.



We have also seen technology take over industries such as Education. Part of the reason this industry is experiencing so much demand is because many programmers, on top of already existing wants in their job, want to be a part of an industry that does social good. The field of education is a complicated one, and companies in this sector may favor those with experience in the education field or a clear passion for the space. If you do not have industry experience, consider getting involved in a different way: non-profit board work, volunteering, etc. to show your knowledge on the space, even if it is not related to the technology side. In this industry, there are not as many skills/languages required, more so a spark in you that wants to do good and change education for the better.



AI/Machine Learning

Next comes AI/Machine Learning – this industry is experiencing hyper growth as the technology landscape pushes on the gas to developing more efficient tools. Like Big Data, this is an industry that heavily favors formal education degrees in Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning, or something like Mathematics. Again, this is not something everyone can afford to drop everything and go back to school, so consider nanodegree programs that may enhance your current skill set. Above all else, consider roles where machine learning is a small portion of the project as a jumping off point. This way, you can still get into the role using your already present development skills, and continue to learn about machine learning/AI along the way. Gaining relevant experience, even as a small portion on a project, can put you in a better position compared to your competition who may have never worked on a project containing ML at all. While interviewing, ask the team members if ML/AI plays a role in any of their projects. Skills/languages to look out for: probability models, statistics, programming, data modeling, algorithms, C++, Python, R.



Gaming is yet another industry that has seen many technological advances over the past several years. With that, comes an abundance of men and women who are passionate about the space. Gaming is one of the world’s most competitive industries to land a role in, so the first thing you need to do is demonstrate what makes you stand out and how/why you are so passionate about going the field. This industry also favors those who have experience in a similar space, so as you think about growing your career, consider working for companies who focus on gaming, even if you aren’t BUILDING games (eg. Twitch). Showing your passion, dedication, and skills through gaming related side-projects is highly encouraged if you lack the formal experience in the gaming industry. Skills/languages to look out for: C++, Java, Python, Unity.


Big Data

Lastly, we have Big Data. The Big Data sector has been on the rise now for several years, but is garnering more and more interest as time goes on. Several companies may favor a formal education in a related field such as analytics or math, but that does not count you out if you don’t have the formal education preferred qualification on your resume. If you do lack the education piece, check out “nanodegree” programs that may enhance your skill set and give you practical experience in the field. To land a role in this competitive environment, you will need to have competitive skills. Skills/languages to look out for: Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL, SQL, & general purpose programming languages (Python/Scala seem to be the most popular here).


To Conclude

Overall, the highest demand industries are going to demand the most skills and passion in order to land a role in these areas. So before you dive in, make sure you are not just trying to pick up the next “shiny penny” you see, but that you are truly committed to the new industry you want to join. As always, the more you communicate your strengths specifically and strategically geared toward the industry you want to enter, the better chance you will have at being noticed and hired. Thankfully, there are platforms like that provide opportunities in many of these areas. Sign up now to get started with your next professional adventure!

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