Revealed: The Most fascinating SW Engineer Trends To Be Aware Of

What Do Software Engineers Want? A New 4-Part Series

Software engineers may have certain skills in common, but what they want in their next career move varies widely. For some engineers, the salary and location are the most important factors; for others, it’s the technologies they will be working with.

In this 4-part series, we will present all the nitty gritty details we have learned from software engineers across the country. The information was shared freely and anonymously by engineers at major tech companies who signed up with Woo.

Read on to discover what elements of a job offer are most important, which industries are favored, and whether engineers prefer big corporations or small startups.

The next 3 posts in the series will cover the most desired technologies and expected compensation; interesting differences between east coast vs. west coast engineers; and male vs. female expectations when it comes to salary and work conditions.

Stay tuned for more fascinating insights into what software engineers want in their next job!