Revealed: The Most Wanted Salaries of Male Vs Female SW Engineers

Welcome to the fourth and final post in our series on what software engineers want in their next job. This post lays out some of the stark differences – and commonalities – between male and female developers. The gender pay gap is nothing new, but as it turns out, the gap exists in salary expectations as well as concrete offers.

Female developers with 1-2 years of experience expect a salary of $80K, while male developers with the same experience expect $90K.

The same is true on the higher end of the spectrum: Female developers with 11+ years of experience expect to earn $130K, while male developers with that experience expect at least $150K.

However, in other realms they are on equal par.

For example, male and female engineers are equal risk-takers: Men and women work remotely and at startups in nearly the same numbers. For all the stats, see below:

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