Revealed: The Best Coast to be a SW Engineer, East Vs West?

Welcome to Part 3 of our series on what software engineers want in their next role. This post reveals some fascinating differences we discovered between engineers on the east coast versus those on the west coast. As it turns out, they don’t all want the same things.

For starters, they prefer different industries: The #1 choice for east coast engineers is the finance industry, and for the west coast it’s machine learning.

East coast developers prefer to work at Facebook, while those on the west prefer Google.

A whopping 40% of developers in New York want to relocate to California, while only 8% of Californian developers want to relocate to New York.

Read on for the full scoop:


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Stay tuned for Part 4, the most intriguing post of all: the differences between male and female developers. Coming soon!